You Do

You write a little note that
You leave on the bed
And spend some time dissecting
Every word he said
And if he seemed a little strange
Well, baby...anyone can change
And you do
You do
You really do

Aimee Mann


Blogger aWhiteLie said...

ouvi e consegui que a inquietação saísse por momentos.

10:54 da tarde  
Blogger KaRL said...


10:43 da manhã  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

You look like a perfect fit
For a girl in need of a tourniquet

But can you save me?
Come on and save me
If you could, save me
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone

Cause I can tell
You know what it's like
The long farewell of the hunger strike

You struck me dumb like radium
Like Peter Pan or Superman

You will come to save me?
C'mon and save me
If you could, save me


Cause you are
My love

9:37 da manhã  
Anonymous Cuomo’s Tomorrow said...

Every now and then I get to hear an artist that truly knows whereof she/he sings. This is without doubt one of those eclectically select artists over whom I spend many a hour brooding. Not exactly one I can drive a stick shift too, but rather one a have to sequester myself into a darkened corner and allow myself to marinade in her marauding melancholy. Am I the only one left thinking that despite all the praise of late, an artist like R. Yamagata doesn’t quite make the emotional threshold of introspection as Mann does?
Already got me my ticket to SXSW...SINGING LA LA LA LA LA

11:31 da manhã  
Anonymous Cuomo's Tomorrow said...

I let slip the link...enjoy

12:12 da tarde  
Blogger pg said...

É incrível a quantidade de boa música que tenho vindo a descobrir neste teu canto. Obrigado

6:45 da tarde  
Anonymous Vitor Pinto said...

Olá Rita!
Gostaria de entrar em contacto contigo!

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Meu mail:

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4:28 da tarde  
Blogger sónia said...

Obrigada por este momento de pausa tão agradável! É sempre bom vir até aqui ;)

8:18 da tarde  

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