Theresa Duncan & Jeremy Blake


Blogger Sam said...

Funchal? Que tal a ilha... e já agora um comentário ao concerto, muito bom, o David F. tá feito um entertainer :)

10:08 da tarde  
Blogger KaRL said...

funchal? "Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake were talented young artists who were deeply in love. Their bizarre suicides have captivated the art world: Was it their brilliant imaginations that did them in?"

10:48 da tarde  
Blogger KaRL said...

toma lá um terceiro comment. uma raridade. quem é amigo, hein? ah pois.

10:49 da tarde  
Anonymous T(i)moko said...

I really wouldn't know but sometimes the Anima of one can become so tightly intertwined with the Animus of another to the point that it may very well be hard to distinguish between either of them…that if one of those life lines were to suddenly fade out; the other might very well be left to spiral aimlessly into empty space. Perhaps it’s not their but our short coming (standing outside their bubble of hyper reality) that we can not really appreciate the binary pull of one on the other when it comes to the tragedy beset the decoupling of a set of star crossed lovers?


7:59 da manhã  
Anonymous António said...

O homem, assim de repete, parecia o André Sardet. Assustei-me.

3:42 da tarde  

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