How Great Thou Art

Loretta Lynn


Blogger Ana Rita said...

Ainda hoje te ouvi na antena3 e noutro dia vi-te com o David Fonseca, em Lourosa! Para quando o disco? ;)
Um beijo de uma fã que te vai espreitando!

6:46 da tarde  
Anonymous De Sica said...

This line reminds me of the time when I and a mate once crossed paths with Coxon in a Pub (circa 97)- funnily enough not in Camden. In a blink of an eye my mate was all over the poor fella like some cheap cologne, pretending to be his greatest fan of this and that album; when the only material he had heard was a bootlegged copy he shafted off me the day before. [meanwhile...] My heartbeat had taken off without me, leaving me trailing behind hoping, no praying (white knuckled) that the earth would swallow me whole by sending a worm hole to expedite my delivery to the nearest stop in the galaxy underground; but the probabilities were against me that night as the universe was as yet too young and thus too unwise to have let me off that easily. Anyway, after my mate’s line of “I am your biggest fan!” was delivered in the most awkward manner possible; Graham C. , turns around and stiffs him down cold with the classic ”funny, you know, you don’t look that huge!” response to an annoying `pendura´. Served him right that line did…while here’s my hoping that Coxons bender that night has wiped my face floating somewhere in the background clean from his memory for good `saki´…

The Seeker
There are two types of `Fans’ that come away from a concert these days. Each asks oneself a different question; one is, “should I stop by the Mc.drive for a hot chocolate Sundae on the way back home?” whilst the other thinks… “Never mind the car keys, where’s my f-ing heart?” Which one are you (readers of this blog) I wonder?(Some sightings of certain artists remind me of getting a glimps of Rimbauds Jolly Giants gaiting through the houses of the holy sound landscape…rarely does it happen out here in the pines but it nevertheless it does happen; remembering that distances more than any long stare needs to be kept…)

3:55 da tarde  

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