Stefanie Schneider


Blogger hiddentrack said...

sequência muito bonita.

8:04 da tarde  
Blogger tiago said...

Curti conhecer o fotografo... obrigado... caso não tenhas recebido o email enviei, aqui fica um link directo para as fotos... ;)

12:33 da manhã  
Anonymous Erstwhile Jennings said...

Sand sunken ghost towns marooned against the Rockies have their (once bustling) black ribbons slowly tow them back into a sun drenched vanishing point just beyond the horizon during the high noon (mirage)shimmer. This is just some of the subject matter captured in these `bleached´ out frames. Personally I've been stripping away the works of Coutard, James Wong Howe, Lance Acord, `Nick´ Ray, `Ossie´ Morris, Raul Walsh/, Wenders, Pablo Ferro's design etc. Turning them inside out, upside down, back 2 back; wondering what made them tick, what made/makes them the masters of their craft. I am learning, boy am I learning…

11:20 da manhã  

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