We Gathered in Spring

I'm tired of being here
On this hill
No-one lives to be three hundered years
Like the way it used to be

I think they were giants
I think they were giants

On this hill, nothing grows except greed
You will stay to finish your work
As long as need be
As long as need be



I Can Hear Music

I can hear music
I can hear music
The sound of the city baby seems to disappear
I can hear music
Sweet sweet music
Whenever you touch me baby
Whenever you're near

Beach Boys


Make It Easy On Yourself

Oh, breaking up is so very hard to do
If you really love him, and there's nothing I can do
Don't try to spare my feelings, just tell me that we're through
And make it easy on yourself
Make it easy on yourself
Cause breaking up is so very hard to do
And if the way I hold you, can't compare to his caress
No words of concilation will make me miss you less
My darling if this is goodbye, I just know I'm gonna cry
So run to him, before you start crying too

Oh, baby, it's so hard to do

The Walker Brothers



Sonic Youth


Sigur Rós