The Great Escape


Blogger hiddentrack said...

excelente, adoro! *

11:37 da manhã  
Blogger __Eagle__ said...

muito boas, como sempre ;)

12:20 da tarde  
Blogger sónia said...

"was ist das?" ? Lembrei-me de "Vasistas" de Jorge Molder.
Belíssimo! Muito bem conseguido, na minha humilde opinião, pois pouco percebo de fotografia.

1:26 da tarde  
Blogger ana david said...

Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

10:21 da manhã  
Blogger ana david said...

que trabalho! gosto muito.

10:23 da manhã  
Blogger ana david said...

já agora...

Rita Redshoes

11:05 da manhã  
Anonymous Sefton Wilder said...

No one took the non-interference principle more to heart as Charles once did; it was practically an unspoken motto of his secret keeping, a tattooed motif, branded outta sight on the excuse he had for a con-voluted brain. You see, he was the well to do type that wouldn’t think twice about selling the flaky paint off his mothers dilapidated home and if you were ever to find yerself in a spot of bother, you could rest assured that he’d let you sweat the s(k)attered bullets of a buckshot than interfere in a good thing. That Chuck was surrre something; that was before his luck changed 7- down when the Carnival came rolling into town…

Mariana Trench: Fie,foh, fum I smell the blood of one Jack Tatum

Sefton Wilder
Put a peephole in my brain Two New Pence to have a go ‘n see Thursday chile’s prelude rendition of OnibabApap!uO |?|

1:52 da tarde  
Blogger KaRL said...

aproveito para te dar os parabens pelo teu enorme papel na vitoria dos premiozinhos à Hold Still. parabens a todos os intervenientes. siga!

8:45 da tarde  

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