Sad eyes

Trying to hold it together
Keep my love as light as a feather
Sad eyes baby it's been such a long time
Keep my heart breaking in the dark
Come and spend the day

Bat for Lashes


Anonymous Anónimo said...

keep my love as light
such a long time
a long time

1:06 da tarde  
Anonymous penim said...

fiz um post há pouco tempo com bat for lashes, ando fascinado com as músicas deles

deixo o link: http://www.photoblog.net/photoblog.php?nickname=pEnIm&action=view&id=1885161


andre penim

10:53 da tarde  
Blogger a malta said...

Não vejo o dia de comprar o cd! Ando tb apanhadinha.
"Come and spend the day..."
"to see the sunrise
and catch your ghosts..."

2:50 da tarde  

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