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Blogger Nelinha said...

quando quiseres ;)

lindas cores*

8:51 da manhã  
Anonymous * said...

There are places I don't remember
There are times and days, they mean nothing to me
I've been looking through some of them old pictures
They don't serve to jog my memory

I'm not waking in the morning, staring at the walls these days
I'm not getting out the boxes, spread all over the floor
I've been looking through some of them old pictures
Those faces they mean nothing to me no more

I travel light
You travel light
Everything I've done
You say you can justify, mmm you travel light
I can't pick them out, I can't put them in this saddle bag

Some things you have to lose along the way
Times are hard, I'll only pick them out, wish I was going back
Times are good, you'll be glad you ran away

Do you remember, how much you loved me?
You say you have no room in that thick old head
Well it comes with the hurt and the guilt, and the memories
If I had to take them with me I would never get from my bed
There's a crack in the roof where the rain pours through
That's the place you always decide to sit
Yeah I know I'm there for hours, the water running down my /your face
Do you really think you keep it all that well hid?

No but I travel light
You don't travel light
Everything I've done
It's just a lie, you don't travel light

Tindersticks "Traveling Light"


11:29 da manhã  
Blogger __Eagle__ said...

é uma questão de publicar o endereço.... =)

bonita foto

11:55 da manhã  

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