My rainbow

estava a pensar na vida, olhei para a janela e...


Blogger Anna said...


5:27 da tarde  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

[Break's own Protocol by signing into another's blog comment box]72 Hag from down south here. Another day, another neat bag of skittles to get at yer blog. As you can see, I got me'self a blog up 'n going.Been Post(ing) Singularities since...well yesterday really. Reason being; just so that you don't think that I'm the one leaving pithy quips anonymously. Like I said, I never really took to anonymous innuendo as it was never my thing. I'll eventually wipe the blog clean off the slate (or is it the -Dash- in this case?) when I feel that sufficient contrast has been acheived. Oh yes, I have allowed for comments out of common courtesy and not by original intended design. So there you have it(yes I know, it's very gimmicky in that kiddy-wink livin' Colour ala GAP thing-WM- )So let the people be people and read what they will into it-it's just the,they'nthem coming out. "Ho(n)ni soit qui mal y pense"...right JP?

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Blogger __Eagle__ said...

nem de propósito! muito bonito!

7:50 da tarde  
Blogger Nat said...

"... and the dreams that you dare to dream..."

9:04 da tarde  
Blogger Jey said...

Bem apanhado, quase que lhe tocavas :)

1:02 da manhã  
Blogger Nelinha said...

ohhhh tao lindo :)***

8:03 da manhã  
Anonymous * said...

What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I'm part of you, dear
My lonely nights are through, dear
Since you said you were mine

Oh, what a difference a day makes
There's a rainbow before me
Skies above can't be stormy
Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss

It's heaven when you find romance on your menu
What a difference a day made
And the difference is you, is you, is you

Dinah Washington
"What a Difference A Day Made"

11:53 da manhã  

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